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     Polliwog Pages is a place to discover the joys of children's literature. There are shelves of books to browse through and stories to read.  One page gives links to fun learning activities for kids, while another page features writings by kids.  There is also a page just for teens. Wiggles the Polliwog invites you to splash into the world of words. 

Y     As Yvonne Blake traveled her pathway through life, she packed  experiences and descriptions into the corners of her mind.  She has  lived in the Arizona deserts, on a tropical island in the Bahamas, and  the rugged hills along the Hudson River of New York.

      After raising her family and teaching school, she developed her  writing skills by completing the Journeyman Course of the Christian  Writers Guild and participating in the Faithwriters Organization. She  continues to teach children how to write with her Polliwog Pages  and  has published a variety of books for all ages.

     Yvonne and her husband live on the coast of Maine, enjoying their  grandchildren and quieter times together. Yvonne is unpacking all the  memories of her mind and writing poems, short stories, and novels.  She prays that she will be used of the Lord to entertain, to encourage,  and enlighten others.