A good writer is aware of everything. He uses his five senses to observe things all around him. He uses interesting, specific words to say exactly what he means. Our language has many words that are similar to each other (synonyms).

Try to use words that precisely describe what you observe.

Instead of "red" use "burgundy" or "fusia."  

Instead of "rough" use "splintery" or "gravelly."

SIGHT - notice how the sky changes color from morning until night
HEARING - listen to how people talk - fast or slow, gruff or soft
SMELL - notice the scent of the air before and after a storm
TASTE - notice how a hot dog tastes when cooked over a campfire
TOUCH - feel the difference between a towel dried outside or in the dryer


Using your senses, describe something with specific details.

There are no right or wrong answers,

because each person sees things in their own way.

(Some things are not safe to taste. If so, leave that part blank.)

OBJECT I CHOSE - _________________


Write a scene about your object using some of the descriptions.

Email your answers to me.
I can't wait to see what interesting things you have observed.




1. Be Sensible


​2. What's It All About?


​3. Lights!Camera!Action!


4. Describe It to Me


5. Where in the World?


​6. Roses are Red


7. Once Upon a Time

8. Trouble, Trouble


9. Let's Talk About It


10. One, Two, Three


11. Similar Sounds


12. Climbing to the Peak


​13. Silly Stuff


14. Do You Remember?


​15. Making a Face


16. The Last Line


​17. Where are You?

(Point of View)

18. Read All About It

(News Reporting)

19. Someone Special


20. Mirror, Mirror


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