Polliwog Pages

Splash into Writing

#1 - 

(Easy) Jack ran from the black BEAR in his BARE feet.

(Hard) Tom BORED a hole in the wooden BOARD.

 #2 -

(Easy) A buzzing BEE can BE pesky sometimes.

(Hard) The SCENT of the skunk SENT  the campers running away.

(Polliwog Kid) I can SEE the deep, blue SEA.

#3 -

(Easy) The boat with the red SAIL was for SALE.

(Hard) She liked to sit on the PIER and PEER at the waves.

(Polliwog Kid) "I can't HEAR you! Come over HERE." 

#4 -

(Easy) The wind BLEW the kite up into the BLUE sky.

(Hard) On SUNDAY afternoon, she ate an ice cream SUNDAE.

(Polliwog Kid) I'm glad we're having CHILI for supper, because this winter night is CHILLY. 

#5 -

(Easy) We have a MALE person that delivers the MAIL to our house.

(Hard) When Jane FLEW to China, she came down with the Asian FLU. 

(Polliwog Kid) I WOULD like to chop some WOOD now.

#6 - 

(Easy) Don't DO the mowing with the DEW is on the grass. 

(Hard) It was hard for the robber to STEAL the long STEEL cable.

(Polliwog Kid) Alice SAW a SAW cutting wood at a construction site.

#7 -

(Easy) Each fall, the man LEAVES a pile of LEAVES for kids jump in.

(Hard) A belt around your WAIST is a WASTE if your pants are tight.

#8 - 

(Easy) The girl READ a book with a bright RED cover.

(Hard) He paid the FARE of five dollars to go on the ride at the FAIR.

(Polliwog Kid) On my way to buy a PAIR of shoes, I was hungry;

so I ate a PEAR. 

#9 -

(Easy) He felt WEAK from being sick all WEEK long.

(Hard) Sir William, the KNIGHT, didn't arrive at the castle until NIGHT.

(Polliwog Kid) My mom does NOT like me to tie a KNOT in her laces. 

#10 -

(Easy) The HARE has long ears and soft HAIR.

(Hard) The web SITE has large fonts for people with bad SIGHT.

(Polliwog Kid) The bad WITCH wanted a sand-WICH but didn't know WHICH way to go. 

#11 -

(Easy) The boy TOWED a wagon with a green spotted TOAD in it.

(Hard) The boy's eyes TEARED when his twenty TIERED tower fell. 

(Polliwog Kid) TOO many people went TO Five Guys at TWO pm.