1. Jack ran from the black ____ in his ____ feet.

2. Tom ___ a hole in the wooden ____.

3. A buzzing ___ can ___ pesky sometimes.

4. The ______ of the skunk _____ the campers running away.

5. I can _____ the deep, blue ____. (PK)

6. The boat with the red _____ was for _____.

7. She liked to sit on the _____ and _____ at the waves.

8. "I can't ____ you! Come over ____." (PK)

9. The wind _____ the kite up into the ____ sky. 

10. On _____ afternoon, we ate an ice cream ____.

11. I'm glad we're having ____ for supper, 

because this winter night is _____. (PK)

12. We have a _____ person that delivers ______ to our house.

13. When Jane _____ to China, she came down with the Asian ____.

14. I ______ like to chop some ______ now. (PK)

15. Each fall, the man _______ a pile of ______ for kids to jump in.

16. A belt around your ______ is a ______ if your pants are tight.

17. The girl ______ a  book with a ______ cover.

18. He paid a ______ of five dollars to go on the ride at the _____.

19. On my way to get a ____ of shoes I was hungry; so I ate a _____. (PK)

20. The bouncy ____ had long ears and soft _____.

21. The web ____ had large fonts for people with bad ______. 

22. The bad __ wanted a sand___, but didn't know ___ way to go. (PK)

23. The boy __ a wagon with a green spotted ___ in it. 

24. The boy's eyes __ when his twenty __ tower fell. 

25. ___ many people went __ Five Guys at __ pm. (PK) 

EASY - The boy               a wagon with green-spotted               in it.

​HARD -  The boy's eyes                 when his twenty              tower fell.

POLLIWOG KID -               many people went              Five Guys at             pm.

​(Gracelyn Beaulieu)                 

Send me your own LILYPAD puzzles.

I will post them here for others to guess.

(Be sure to provide the answers.)

Let's play with words!

Words that sound the same but have different meanings are called HOMONYMS

Sometimes they are spelled the same and sometimes differently. 

 I will give you sentences with two missing words.

These words will sound the same, but they will have different meanings.

See if you can figure out the puzzle. 

Check your answers.

(Did you know how to spell them?)



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