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As the parent/guardian of  _____________________________________ ,  I give permission for Polliwog Pages to post manuscripts written by him/her. I understand that the stories will not be sold or copied to another party. Any personal information (picture, address, phone number, etc.) will not be posted or given to any other party without my permission. (Ages are posted under the authors' names.)

As the young writer's parent, I am responsible for seeing that all manuscripts are original.

If the writing has been dictated to someone or edited by someone other than the writer, I will indicate accordingly. Polliwog Pages is not responsible for any plagiarism.


ADDRESS ___________________________________        (for letters/prizes/gifts)



BIRTHDATE OF MINOR  _________________________       

PHONE NUMBER  _____________________________

EMAIL ______________________________________

SIGNED _____________________________________        (parent/guardian)

DATE     _____________________________________

 Where did you learn of Polliwog Pages?

____  friend ______________________________________________________

_____ conference  __________________________________________________

_____ online ______________________________________________________

_____  other ______________________________________________________