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Splash into Writing


(written by students at Rockland Public Library)


  COST - $20/hour

   I can work with a variety of age levels, but it's  best to have separate groups for elementary  and secondary grades. Students are expected  to bring pencils and paper. 

Grades 7-12 (2 hours)

  • Advanced Teaching of Beginner Topics - character development, plot, setting, and theme.
  • Literary Techniques - choosing words to create mood and flow, learning to write in various genres. 
  • ​Responsibility of an Author - diligence of accuracy, writing quotations, being respectful to readers
  • Today's Writing World - a very literate world, ebooks, self-publishing, traditional publishing​​

Grades 1-6  (1 hour)

  • Creating Characters - noticing personalities, learning to describe characters by their clothing, mannerisms, culture, and names. 
  •  Using Vibrant Words - moving beyond ordinary words, building better vocabulary with specific nouns, verbs, and adjectives.
  •  Developing Exciting Plots - keeping the reader interested by creating a problem and solving it, using sequence words, making a good ending.
  • Dressing Up Our Writing - knowing the importance of good grammar, spelling, and punctuation in our writing.


Polliwog writing workshops 

Do your students drag their feet

when it comes time to write? 

Would you like them to get excited

about putting their thoughts into words? 

Are you interested in a writing workshop?