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Splash into Writing


(written by students at Rockland Public Library)

Polliwog writing workshops 

Grades 1-6  (1 hour)

  • Creating Characters - noticing personalities, learning to describe characters by their clothing, mannerisms, culture, and names. 
  •  Using Vibrant Words - moving beyond ordinary words, building better vocabulary with specific nouns, verbs, and adjectives.
  •  Developing Exciting Plots - keeping the reader interested by creating a problem and solving it, using sequence words, making a good ending.
  • Dressing Up Our Writing - knowing the importance of good grammar, spelling, and punctuation in our writing.



  COST - $20/hour

  ($10 for mileage beyond a 20 mile radius)

   I can work with a variety of age levels, but it's      best to have separate groups for elementary        and secondary grades. Students are expected      to bring pencils, paper, short example of           writing*. 

 *Optional - 100-200 words, Elementary

                 300-500 words, Jr/Sr High

Grades 7-12 (2 hours)

  • Advanced Teaching of Beginner Topics - character development, plot, setting, and theme.
  • Literary Techniques - choosing words to create mood and flow, learning to write in various genres. 
  • ​Responsibility of an Author - diligence of accuracy, writing quotations, being respectful to readers
  • Today's Writing World - a very literate world, ebooks, self-publishing, traditional publishing​​​​

Do your students drag their feet

when it comes time to write? 

Would you like them to get excited

about putting their thoughts into words? 

Are you interested in a writing workshop?