We've talked about the  BEGINNING of a story,

and we've talked about the plot, using SEQUENCE of events and the CLIMAX .

The ENDING of a story is also very important.

Some stories or articles have a sad ending,

some live "happily ever after."

Others leave a hint as to what will happen afterward.

Some may make you laugh.


1. Did you read your story out loud?
2. Did you double check your spelling?
3. Did you capitalize and punctuate correctly?
4. Did you use interesting vocabulary?
5. Did you write a good beginning and ending?



Non-fiction writing often ends with a question to the reader or with the writer's opinion on the matter.
Whatever the ending, a writer should leave the reader knowing that it is done without saying the words 


What kind of endings do you like best?

Tell me the title of a book that you especially liked the ending. 

Write a story with a good ending.

Email me.

I'm interested in what kind of ending you'll write.


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