Where you are makes a difference  on how you tell your story. 
It's called your POINT OF VIEW (POV). 


There is a fable from India of six blind men who encounter an elephant. Each one touches a different part of the animal and describes it as he "sees" it.  Each blind man had his own point of view. ("The Blind Men and the Elephant" by John Saxe)

 An author can write in different points of view.

He can write as if he is the main character (1st person) - using terms as "I" and "me."

Most stories are written from a narrator's point of view (3rd person) - telling the reader

things that happen beyond the main character's knowledge or sight. 


Pretend you are something else. (a mouse, a tree, a ball, etc.)

Write a story from that point of view.

(Use words such "I" and "me" as if that object is talking.)

What do you see and what are you doing? What makes you afraid or happy?

Let me guess what you are. 

Email it to me.

I can't wait to guess what you're pretending to be.



1. Did you read your story out loud?
2. Did you double check your spelling?
3. Did you capitalize and punctuate correctly?
4. Did you use interesting vocabulary?
5. Did you write a good beginning and ending? 


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