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Splash into Writing




​1. Did you read your story out loud?
2. Did you double check your spelling?
3. Did you capitalize and punctuate correctly?
4. Did you use interesting vocabulary?
5. Did you write a good beginning and ending? 

When a reporter writes about something for a newspaper, it is called JOURNALISM.

He must be careful to write exactly what happens.

Something that is made up or imagined is called FICTION. Something true is NON-FICTION.

New reporting is writing down what is true - what really happened.

Many reporters use a tape recorder or notebook to help them remember the words

that someone said or facts that they might forget. It is important to spell a person's name correctly

and be accurate when using numbers.

There is news happening all around you.

Maybe you know of things that are happening on your street.

When you write a news story, the first sentence gives all the main information.

The rest of the article explains more details about it.

Assignment:  Write a news story about something in your neighborhood.
(Ask permission from the people involved, and keep your facts true.)

Bonus - Call your local newspaper and ask if they are interested in publishing your story.

Email it to me.

I'd like to hear what is going on in your neighborhood.

Is there a new house being built?

Did your baseball team play a game?

Did anyone get married or have a new baby?

​Has there been a bad storm?