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Splash into Writing

Whatever the problem might be, CONFLICT gives the story excitement and keeps the reader interested until it is resolved.


Pick one of your favorite stories. (Tell me the title and author.)
Explain to me what kind of conflict is in that story and how it was solved.

Write a story with conflict.
What problem does the main character face, and how does it end?

Email it to me.

I'm looking forward to reading your exciting story!




1. Did you read your story out loud?
2. Did you double check your spelling?
3. Did you capitalize and punctuate correctly?
4. Did you use interesting vocabulary?
5. Did you write a good beginning and ending? 

man against self

(doubting his own decisions)

man against nature
(surviving storms or wilderness)

man against man
(fighting or disagreement with another person)

No matter what your story is about, there needs to be some kind of trouble.

The main character needs to have a problem that needs to be solved or conquered by the end of the story. We call this the CONFLICT.

Maybe your main character has lost her dog or had a fight with her best friend.

Perhaps your character is lost on a mountain or has broken his sister's bike.

There are different kinds of CONFLICT -